Management Desk

Dear Patrons,

Aaradhya Exim Private Limited is pleased to announce the growth of 100% on year on year basis since the conception. We would like to thank each of you for your contribution and association over these years. We are really delighted to serve with your every requirement put forward to us. Aaradhya Exim has positioned in the line of most promising companies in India with few years of work.

Aaradhya Exim has given priority to organic products for export in order to respect the global demand of food product and cut down on the health risks arising out of chemicals thereby encouraging our customers to use naturally produced food products. Aaradhya Exim is  passionate & believer in conducting all business activities with utmost care and sincerity towards enriching the holistic health along with maintaining its unique taste and flavor in all products. Therefore, we have invested in various farming techniques which relatively cut down on the utilization of chemicals  for producing grains and other raw material for our products. This simple philosophy inspires Aryum Fresh to contribute towards becoming a health friendly, environment friendly, water positive and an employment generator brand which stands apart as a market leader. Aryum Fresh products are superior in quality, handpicked and uniquely blended with natural essentials packed with enormous health benefits for our customers.

Furthermore, Aaradhya Exim continued to work with farmers from the remote areas across the India for continuous forestation under various social activities. This has not only provided us with the backbone to the  inflow of raw material, but also aided in maintaining greenery and generating employment opportunities to millions of skilled and unskilled workers across India.

Towards a healthier future of our patrons

Thanking You

For Aaradhya Exim Private Limited

Mrs. P Sarmah