Aaradhya Exim has primarily focused in export of commodities, Fruits, Dehydrated food product and Spices are grown in various parts of India. We have also gave equal amount of focus in Textile and highly developed manufacturing sectors.   The Export of such goods and services has direct and proportional contribution and enhance the nation’s gross output and growth.  Exports are the oldest forms of trade that transform economy of one nation and provide great opportunity to receive revenue.

Export occur on a large scale between nations that may have fewer restrictions on trade, such as tariffs or subsidies. The ability to export goods helps an economy grow.

International trade also stimulate domestic economic activity by creating employment, production and revenues.  The world’s largest exporting countries in terms of dollars are China, the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea. Companies export products and services for a variety of reasons. Exporting also  increase sales and reach new markets, and they may even present an opportunity to capture significant global market share. Companies that export spread business risk by diversifying into multiple markets.

Exporting into foreign markets can often reduce per-unit costs due to mass production by expanding operations to meet increased demand. The companies that export into foreign markets gain new knowledge and experience that may allow the discovery of new technologies, marketing practices and insights into foreign competitors.

Exporting companies are presented with a unique set of challenges from the international market. Extra costs are likely due to global standard of demand to modifying products to meet local demand and regulations. Companies that export are typically exposed to a higher degree of financial risk. Payment collection methods, such as open-account, letter of credit, prepayment and consignment, are inherently more complex and take longer to process than payments from domestic customers.

Aaradhya Exim minimize the risk by acquiring the assistance the ECGC and maintaining very stringent payment policy.